Whether it’s to curb attrition, raise morale, or promote better team work, company family outings are a great way to build and strengthen relationships within your organization. To make a company family outing successful, creativity and careful planning is key.

That’s where Impressius comes in. By giving your employees and their families tangible keepsakes of the event—instantly– Impressius raises the level of their fun and enjoyment like never before!

Our recent client, a joint venture corporation, totally reinvented the family outing experience for their employees and their families.

With Impressius, everyone at the event was holding a printed photo of their snapshots right that very moment. In just a few seconds, these photos were already trending in various social media.

As you would have imagined, these instant keepsakes created bursts of happy smiles and giggles especially from the employee’s kids and other family members.

For your company, having a happy workforce is simply priceless. It can mean boosting productivity. It can mean more dedication to the work.

What’s more, all photos printed and shared in social media via Impressius bear your company logo and slogan. Thus, with each print and share, you are generating ripples – even tidal waves – of brand exposure in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest among others–absolutely for free!

The next time you plan your company family outing, we invite you to give your employees something to look forward to by booking Impressius. Because we believe that your fun company outing memories are worth keeping alive.

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